Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 1, A little sleep, PLEASE

Originally we had planned to leave on Friday, but anxious to get a jump start on the many miles of driving, we headed out Thursday evening at 6:00 pm. I figured we would travel to Flagstaff then pull over in the nearest Wal-Mart. (Wal-Marts allow RV’s to stay overnight) When we got to Flagstaff, DH wasn’t tired and so we kept going. While he drove, I worked on getting the kids to bed. The plan was that B would sleep with Hubby and me, giving each of the boys a place of their own to sleep. About 2 hours after I had finally wrestled the kids to bed, DH pulled over at a Wal-Mart in Page. It was crowded. There were a lot of RV’s already there, so we found what we thought was the best spot. We carefully got ready for bed, trying hard not to wake our children or disturb the neighbors.
No sooner had we settled in for quiet night, when B decided she wanted to play. When we tried to get her to settle down, her playfulness turned into all out screaming. That went on for a couple hours when we decided to continue driving. If we were going to be awake anyway, we might as well be on the move. I worked on getting B and the rest of the kids settled back down and DH drove. At 5AM he couldn’t continue so he pulled over for some shut-eye as the sun was rising. Just as Hubby lay down, T woke up and in the sweetest voice possible, said; “oh, it’s time to wake up?” After that, all the kids woke up. Somehow we made it to our destination safely and DH was able to get a decent amount of rest.

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